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Shiatsu can offer support from the point of diagnosis, immediately after surgery and throughout radiotherapy and chemotherapy. Once treatment is finished, sessions can aid recovery, help to renew energy and motivate you to take responsibility for your wellbeing. 


Shiatsu helps control symptoms and side effects such as poor appetite, sleep problems, pain, lethargy and low mood associated with surgery and cancer treatment. By stimulating blood and lymph circulation, it helps release toxins and tension from your muscles, eases peripheral neuropathy and stimulates hormonal system.

​My treatments vary depending on the type and scale of surgery. I use mobilisations and gentle stretches to promote flexibility; work on strengthening the immune system and use fascia release to avoid the build-up of scar tissue. With caring touch, the treatments are soothing and relaxing, and bring you peace.


My cancer patients say that Shiatsu Shin Tai helps them cope better with the reality of illness, gives them more focus and greatly lifts their mood. Please read some of their comments

Please click on the link below to read more about how Shiatsu can aid your post-cancer and surgery recovery.

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