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After 10 years in property management and the challenge of looking after two brilliant but absorbing children (not to mention a stressed-out husband!), I felt I deserved a break. I booked myself into a yoga retreat in the Home Counties… and discovered Shiatsu. 


The experience changed the way I perceived my life, helped me relax and unwind and over time resolved my chronic back problem. It was a key reason I decided to train as a Shiatsu practitioner. I finally felt that I could make a difference and help my patients live life to the full.


In my practice I typically work with women who suffer from long-term stress-related back or joints issues. I also give regular treatments to cancer patients as a volunteer at Paul's Cancer Support Centre; and offer support during pregnancy. 

I find my work immensely rewarding. 


  • Releases deeply held stress patterns underlying all ailments

  • Helps with back pain, sciatica and joint stiffness

  • Improves self awareness and mind-body connection

  • Allows pregnant women to connect with their babies and be more in tune with what their body needs

  • Re-invigorates health, energy & vitality


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