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This is  what my lovely patients said following their Shiatsu Shin Tai treatments. It means a lot to me, so please share your experience via contact page and I will post it here.

Monika was highly recommended via a trusted friend, and how glad I am about that.  She is amazing, I’ve returned repeatedly, though kind of wish I could move in!  Her studio is a haven, Monika manages to consistently calm, soothe and heal both mind and body.  The heat she radiates from her hands is akin to a super power.  And her verbal summation is always spot on, often enlightening.  Thank you Monika, I’m thankful you found your calling. Sarah 

‘Over the years I have experienced many different forms of ‘alternative therapy’ as an alternative to traditional medicine.  I first discovered the wonders of Monika 2 years ago and have continued to benefit from her skills ever since.  She has incredible empathy and adopts an holistic approach in treating physical, emotional, mental and any other anguish she picks up on. Monika has an extremely calming aura and as soon as she lays her hands on, I relax, but at the same time I can feel the energy surges and blockages released, and even the relaxing of hidden tensions I’m not aware of.  She conducts her Practice from home and her treatment room is a light and peaceful haven which I’m glad to say is not disturbed by ‘mood music’ like so many therapy rooms, and I’ll continue to take advantage of her expertise for my ongoing wellbeing. Monika is highly professional but at the same time friendly, and immediately put me at ease at our very first meeting and I would most definitely recommend her to anyone considering Shiatsu therapy’. Carol, approaching 70years young

Monika does absolute wonders! Every time I have been to see her about any physical or mental stress/tension/pain, she has been able to make it completely disappear. Monika is very attentive and tailors every session to your exact needs and issues which is so appreciated and leaves you feeling rebalanced and just overall so much better! - Prune

'I will always be grateful to Monika for helping me with my hip pain.  After trying physio for months I thought my pain was something that I was going to have to just live with.  One session with Monika and I feel like a different person.  The pain has gone and I feel so much more aligned.  I honestly can't recommend Monika highly enough.  She also treated my daughter for back pain - again she appears to have worked magic as my daughters back is so much better.  I found the whole experience very relaxing and calming. Thank you Monika.' Joanna

'The session was highly impressive. It felt particularly beneficial. Such a different experience with such a powerful result. Very happy.' Mattia


'Monika's work is incredible. I highly recommend it. It has helped with recovery, stress and tension in my body. It has enabled me to cope better on a day-to-day basis and listen to my body more. Thank you.'

'I remember a very painful neck problem I had which prompted my first visit. It was amazing to have the issue resolved in just the short 30 minute session we had together. You're a very gifted practitioner and I look forward to enjoying the benefit of your expertise again sometime, when I am next in London.‘ Robyn


'I received so many benefits from Shiatsu; really very powerful. I feel healed in so many ways and really cared for.'

'I have so far been to 3 shiatsu sessions with Monika. It it so relaxing, and she makes you feel so comfortable. Monika was highly recommended to me by a friend, I have had an awful knee pain for years, unbelievably Monika has treated it and I now have no knee pain at all. I feel brand new after every session! It is amazing - I would highly recommend her.' Olivia


'My Shiatsu sessions were very relaxing and therapeutic. Monika has been very helpful and has given me exercises and techniques to use at home. I think this is very good treatment for cancer patient / survivor.'


'Monika is brilliant and Shiatsu has been an amazing therapy for helping me mentally, physically and emotionally.'

‘Monika is so friendly and professional. It was my first Shiatsu experience and I could feel changes in less than 24 hours. I had a C-Section 5 months ago and was still feeling a lot of tightness on the left side and also could feel a lump inside. It's all gone now. Unbelievable! Thanks a lot!’ Isabella


'Shiatsu has helped to relieve stress and tension and made me feel more relaxed. At the same time I feel more energised after each session.'

'I found my shiatsu massage with Monika very peaceful - she has a nurturing way about her that made me feel like I could truly let go during my session. And afterwards, I was amazed by Monika's spookily accurate assessment of my physical and mental state based on her findings during the massage! My session with her was an hour well invested in relaxation and well-being.’ Mrs. L



‘I have attended a number of Shiatsu sessions with Monika.  Each one of them provided a unique comforting and relaxing experience. Sometimes I would go into deep relaxation in order to awaken feeling invigorated and energized.  Sometimes I would stay alert and feel the exchange of energy heal my body in different places. Monika has a lovely aura and an insightful ability to find areas of the body, mind and spirit that need attention. Her holistic and positive approach to health is inspirational. I loved every one of my Shiatsu sessions with Monika and will be going back for more.’ Anastasia

'Monika is well trained, experienced and really focused on working with her clients. She explains everything thoroughly and happy to take any questions. She makes sure to have a holistic view of your lifestyle and situation before starting treatment, checks on your comfort during the treatment and may assign ‘homework’ so that you can continue to focus on some areas at home. Her practice is in her beautiful home and the space she has created for treatments is bright, clean, comfortable – a welcomed escape from daily life and from usual office-based treatments rooms.' Michelle



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