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Shiatsu Shin Tai is a safe and deeply therapeutic therapy which blends aspects of traditional Shiatsu massage with energy work. It focuses on releasing spinal, meningeal stress, fascia unwinding and passive structural adjustments.

Teenagers in Park


Stress and trauma often lead to tension in the spine muscles and organs in the body. Long-term exposure to stress has damaging effect on one's health and manifests itself in exhaustion, lack of drive or physical pain. 

The 'memory' of this stress becomes locked in the connective tissue (known as fascia) and interrupts our energy flow. Shiatsu Shin Tai helps release these blocks, and thus stress, by working with deep layers of fascia within the spine. It helps gain flexibility and reduce pain.


Children and teenagers are more sensitive to their emotional surroundings and need support to deal with feelings of stress, anxiety and low mood. Watching your child suffer and not knowing how to help can be very distressing. Shiatsu Shin Tai is safe and relaxing treatment that can be very helpful in treating stress related symptoms such as...


I have been volunteering at Paul's Cancer Support Centre since 2016, offering Shiatsu Shin Tai treatments to cancer patients there.

For anyone post-surgery I use mobilisations and gentle stretches to promote flexibility; work on strengthening the immune system and use fascia release to avoid the build-up of scar tissue. I aim for the treatments to be soothing, relaxing, and bring you peace.



You pound the pavement, you make the yards, you are totally committed and then something in your body snaps. We are blessed with green spaces in London, attracting runners, cyclists, football and rugby players, to name a few. Being tough and competitive, all too often we ignore the first symptoms of overtraining and muscle stress. Shiatsu greatly supports recovery and can be a preventative measure to reduce recurrence of back, hip and knee pain.



Shiatsu Shin Tai is a very safe alternative therapy for women wanting to get pregnant. Most of us are under pressure at home and work, we multitask and get things done; however, with time we become emotionally and mentally drained. Shin Tai helps recharge the body and rebalance its energy in preparation for pregnancy. It improves circulation and hormonal balance and decreases stress and anxiety levels.

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