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Recurring muscle spasms, strained tendons, stiffness in the back may all appear innocent but ultimately affect performance and will eventually lead to injury.


Should that happen, kneading/stretching techniques and fascia release can help regain movement in the sore joints and reduce muscle stress. I personally favour the Muscle Energy Technique which uses passive stretches to improve joint flexibility/mobility and, most importantly, alleviate pain, leaving you free to enjoy your favourite activities.


If you have suffered from sciatica before, you are familiar with the numbness, loss of strength and ‘pins and needles’ associated with this debilitating condition. Caused by compression of the lumbar, sacral or sciatic nerve, it results in radiating pain down the leg or lower back. My approach is to mobilise the spine, bring energy into the areas where nerves are trapped and work with stretches. I also suggest simple exercises to perform at home, which relieve the pressure and address your symptoms.

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