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In my practice, apart from correcting structural misalignments, working with the spine and stimulating relaxation, I focus on treating ‘hara’ – the abdominal area. Improved blood circulation in lower abdomen helps remove stagnation in the reproductive organs. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, energy blockages in the pelvis region may cause symptoms such as PMS, constipation, PCOS and endometriosis and may negatively affect your ability to conceive.


If you have conceived, regular Shiatsu Shin Tai treatments can support you throughout pregnancy, help you adapt to changes in your body and improve mother-baby connection. You will be more in tune with what your body and your baby need and will build that special relationship even before your child is born.

It can also provide relief from pregnancy-related symptoms, such as:

  • Back / joint pain

  • Muscle tension and headaches

  • Oedema / swelling

  • Restless sleep

  • Anxiety / mental stress

  • Hormonal imbalances


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